Engineering Management System
Process-based, service-based, standardized, and mobilized

Engineering Management System

As the construction periods of gas projects are long and hard to manage. Coordination is difficult with multiple engaged departments. A large amount of capital is occupied with difficult planning . Managing materials that are consumed separately is not easy as well. Moreover, customers are hard to be satisfied for their high requirements.

Since 2004, the ENESYS engineering project management system has been updated for five versions in past 10 years until 2014. The system has been used in tens of gas companies sucessfully, meeting different requirements in gas project application, engineering management, construction management, and company project management.

The engineering construction system covers the full project process, from project approval, survey, contract signing, money collection, design, budgeting, bidding, construction, acceptance, connection, replacement, and house-entering.

Tasks are driven and approval processes are managed based on workflows, ensuring coordination between service links and engineering information sharing.

Information sharing and service coordination are realized and the construction progress is controlled, ensuring engineering quality and improving engineering efficiency.

Project Approval and Survey

The Internet engineering application service is provided to standardize requirements and processes for different engineering projects. Digital management of engineering documents is enabled to improve the success rate of one-time application for customers.

Onsite survey, manpower deployment, and data collection are driven by the process. The proactive notification mechanism using messages or WeChat is adopted.

Design and Budgeting

Tasks are transferred between departments to share the information of each work process. Other information systems, including design, budgeting, financing, and materials, are integrated to associate engineering management information with other digital information.

Material consumption is restricted by the design material list, so that actual costs and engineering progress and quality can be well restricted by the engineering budget and construction contract, respectively.

Contract and Payment

Process management is implemented on contract negotiation, approval, and signing. Contract versions are well managed to reflect change impacts in real time.

The construction contract, design drawings, and budget document of the project are unified to manage receivable and payable amount in different engineering links to prevent financial risks in engineering projects.

Construction Process Management

Mobile onsite collection methods are provided for collecting engineering project progress data in time. The onsite countersigning mechanism for certificates and changes is provided to manage design and budget changes. The scheduled inspection function is provided for onsite data collection, drawing change management, concealed work photographing, and welded pipe information recording, ensuring engineering quality and providing acceptance basis.

Project Acceptance and Settlement

The project acceptance process is managed to ensure engineering quality

ring digital documents with non-structuring documents and paper documents, improving convenience for further document searching. On site digital collection and operation recording enhances the efficiency of engineering acceptance.

The BOQ can be adjusted accurately during acceptance, laying solid foundation for accurate engineering settlement.

Mobile Engineering

Mobile devices are used for construction site management, including on-site information collection, photographing, and countersigning of survey, site visiting , log recording, progress reporting, material consumption, certificate changing, acceptance and settlement, and gas supply. Time and location labels are used to ensure that information is reliable and traceable and management of the full engineering project process is quantized and transparent.

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