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Mobile App

As smart phones and tablets are popular and the wireless network is ubiquitous, every enterprise is able to perform on the stage of mobile strategic concepts. Moreover, customers have got into the habit of using mobile services, paving the road for enterprises’ mobile services.

Enterprises should perform unified planning before developing mobile apps, so as to build a unified mobile service management platform, rather than develop separate and independent mobile apps. The ENESYS mobile platform is a useful deployment and operation management platform. It not only supports mobile device provisioning and app version update, but also monitors and manages the running of mobile apps.

Mobile Metering System

Mobile metering is the most traditional mobile app in the public utilities field. The major goals for adopting the mobile metering app are to reduce the workload of manual recording, lower the error rate caused by secondary operations, and ensure the accuracy of onsite operations.

The ENESYS mobile metering system supports the following functions:

●Positioning the meters by scheduled sequences, scanning barcodes, and querying during meter reading.

●Reading mechanical meters, and verifying the abnormal conditions on the display counter during meter reading.

●Onsite billing (single and block pricing), and viewing the billing details of each block.

●Meter reading results can be sent to customers. (Customers can scan a QR code to obtain the metering results.)

●Gas usage analysis can be performed for the first five meter reading periods to get the peak usage periods.

●Onsite payment is supported in three ways, including cash, Alipay, and WeChat.

●IC card metering is supported. Customers can purchase the gas using card writing onsite.

●RF module-based remote meter reading is supported.

●Optional data collection modules can be added, to collect data onsite. (Data collection information can be customized.)

●Optional service handling modules can be added, to handle customers’ service requests and build service orders onsite.

●The ENESYS system can be integrated with the mobile security check and mobile work order systems, to provide various types of services for the same customer.

Mobile Security Check System

The system supports the following three types of security checks:

●General security check: Conduct security check to the gas equipment and gas using environment at the end users home according to plans and security check standards (security check templates), ensure the success rate of security check. Meanwhile, the problems that are found can be rectified in time.

●Sampling security check: Conduct security check aiming at a specific type of devices or issues on the defective devices or group with troubles, so that problems will not occur on a large scale. 

●Scattered security check: Center staff or outworkers handle security check orders as required by customers.

Standardized Security Check

●Customized security check items: such as meters and water heaters.

●Customized security check problems: such as problem description, problem nature, and recommended troubleshooting measures.

●Customized security check templates: Security check items are selected based on current security purposes.

Mobile Security Check Operations

●Indoor security check: select the items to be checked , 360◦ panorama mode to check the security condition and hidden danger items can be adjusted.

●Mark problems, take photos, and highlight severe hidden danger items for further confirmation after rectification.

●Work out rectification measures.

●Perform related operations, including collecting data of devices that are checked.

Security Check Related Operations

●Meter reading can be associated with security check tasks, which means the security check can be done when doing meter reading.

●Security check results can be associated with work orders. Problems found during security check can be followed up by work orders.

Visualized Management

●Statistics on the security check progress, indoor security check rate, and problem types are provided.

●Graphical monitoring and analysis on various aspects, including hidden danger types and problem handling responses are provided.

Mobile Work Order System

The mobile work order app is the most important core app in the public utilities field. According to statistics, the mobile work order app is also the most popular and effective app in the mobile app field.

The ENESYS mobile work order system (mobile work order 4.0 for short) has following features:

●Multipath work orders

●Work orders can be planned. (Work orders can be created in batches in the work order center system.)

●(Scattered) Work orders can be created and received through new media tools, including the call center and WeChat.

●Maintenance personnel can create work orders onsite.

●Work orders can be created based on service requests, including inspection and security check.

●Multiple types of work orders are supported, including maintenance, survey, ignition, and emergency work orders.

Multi-level Work Order Dispatch

●Direct dispatch: Work orders are dispatched directly at receiving, the executors and execution time are specified directly.

●Level-based dispatch: Work orders are dispatched to governing departments at receiving, the executors and execution time are specified by the governing department.

●Time-based dispatch: Mainly used for batch planning work orders. Execution time is preferentially specified and executors are specified later.

Various Communication and Coordination Methods

●Routine: The system displays routines of outworkers from current locations to destinations for implementing the specified work orders. ( The routine options can be provided by the system)

●Calling: Customers can be called by the automatic call function to confirm whether outworkers can provide indoor services as scheduled.

●Order rejection: The system can handle rejected orders required by customers and outworkers.

●Order delay: Outworkers can record information and reasons of delay on the system after contacting customers.

●Order closing: The system can handle settlement of orders that are officially completed as planned, ended due to incomplete construction conditions, and that ended as required by customers as problems do not occur any more (click here).

Various Service Objects

●Customized service objects for example, meters, cooking utensils, water heaters, and wall-hanging stoves.

●Operation types and attribute templates can be customized based on service objects.

●Actual maintenance objects and operations can be confirmed onsite. Data templates vary depending on operation types.

●Service objects can be modified and deleted after selection.

Multifunctional Combination

●Customers can select materials and service fees onsite, and the all-in cost is calculated automatically.

●Optional data collection modules can be added to collect data for customers onsite. (Gas companies can customize data collection information templates.)

●The system can be integrated with the mobile security check system and mobile metering system to provide various types of services for the same customer.

●Customer satisfaction surveys and signature for confirmation can be performed after orders ended. Maintenance results will be sent to customers after confirmation.

Mobile Inspection System

●Professional information management for devices, including valves, valve pits, voltage regulators, pressure regulating boxes, and pipelines

●The system supports periodic inspection plans and random inspection tasks. The following conditions are preferentially guaranteed: same device inspection periods, close geographical locations, fixed device inspection technologies, professional staff skills, stable work contents, convenient routines, and familiar services.

●GIS-based mobile applications for navigation during inspection

●Wireless communication technologies including GPRS and 3G for online inspection

●Full-process tracing management of fault orders based on the workflow platform

Mobile Charging On Heating

●The system supports area charging and meter charging. For meter charging, onsite mobile metering is provided.

●The tariff is determined by customer and heating natures. Different heating supply periods and tariff can be customized in different heating supply centers of the same heating supply company.

●Different discount policies can be made based on customer types.

●Pre-payment, monthly payment, and post-payment are supported. The system can calculate overdue fine by day and reminds customers of payment using phone calls, messages, and face-to-face communication. Moreover, the system can handle the payment of arrearage over past years, and the payment sequence of principal and interest can be specified.

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