Customer Service Management System
Unified customer management for public utility services

Customer Service Management System

Pipeline gas companies own two types of resources, that is, pipeline network resources and customer resources. As the society developing, gas companies pay more and more attention to customer resource management. The ENESYS system provides unified management on conventional meter users and IC card meter users, public utility services and users in the same city, formal users and potential users, and different types of users including residents, enterprises, and commercial users. This enables public utility services, including metering reading services, maintenance services, security inspection, and engineering management, to be provided based on unified customer information. Coordination between different service functions and scenarios is also enabled.

Meter Reading System

Multiple meter reading methods are provided, including manual meter reading, use HHU for meter reading and remote meter reading. Various convenient payment methods are also provided, meeting different requirements of the utilities.

Mobile meter reading tables record service operations, such as registration, transferring, and deregistration, and technical operations such as meter installation, removing, and replacement and so on.

Meter reading, billing, and charging services are separated, which greatly improves the efficiency of metering data recording and statistics and metering performance management.

Billing Management System

Bills are sent to customers using on-site bills, outdoor bulletins, emails, Internet query pages, and  messages.

Gas charging of various companies: the system allows customers from company A to pay the bills in company B’s business hall.

Charging of various services: gas, service, maintenance, meter, security check, printing, gas supplementary, and sales service fees.

Various exception handling measures: Remedial measures are available if any incorrect metering, billing, or charging occurs.

Various payment reminding channels: Multiple service channels by repeated meter reading, or inspection including visiting, phone calls, and messages .

Integration of various auxiliary services such as invoice management, bank operation monitoring, and real-time bank charging information.

Billing Engine

A series of functions, including price management, contract management, billing rules management, and discount rule management, and the billing engine are provided to meet diversified market price and billing requirements.

Price version management is provided to associate services including mid-term price changing, estimated meter reading, meter replacement, and calibration with price adjustment.

Separated the price management and the billing logic, the conversion of the metering amount and the calculation of the billing amount, the billing rules and discount rules, which improved the applicability and flexibility of the system and simplifies the processes of adding new functions.

The core data model of the ENESYS system is optimized in the aspects of contract management, price management, and charging engine, enabling the system to satisfy more applications in China and meet developing requirements.

IC Card Integration

Recent years, many utilities adopt IC card meters, which reduces the manual meter reading and the most important is to change the payment mode from post-payment to pre-payment. However, the following problems occur along with these advantages:

●Generally, gas purchasing systems for IC card meters are provided by meter manufacturers. In this case, IC card meter users and conventional meter users are managed separately. Different meter manufacturers provide different systems which causing difficulties in unifying management.

Unified analysis on gas purchasing information using IC cards and payment information is unavailable.

Security check and inspection information cannot be associated with IC card user information.

The system perfectly solved the preceding problems for utilities, the system features as follows: unified management of IC card meters and conventional meters, applicable to multiple meter manufacturers, standard IC card meters, comprehensive service functions, and security encryption management.

Work Order Service

As an important service of utilities, daily maintenance includes the following:

Plan-driven service that requires planning and manpower deployment and implementation by customer as planned

Event-driven service that is required by customers using phone calls or other methods. Companies deploy manpower based on governing areas and service nature after receiving service requests.

The following functions are available to support the preceding services:

●Unified work order: including maintenance

●Definition of work order processes

●Customer-based work order contents (formats) and results

●Unified management of work hours and consumable items (associated with the inventory)

●Orders separated by address

●Integration of work order management and engineering management

●Task driving of work orders

●Full process management of work orders

Meter Management

The meter management system provides comprehensive functions for meters from initial check  installation, maintenance, replacement, periodic calibration, and scrap disposition. 

●The system is integrated with the inventory management system which enabling stock meter management. 

●The system is integrated with the service order system, enabling online meter management. 

●The system is integrated with the metering and charging system, integrating periodic calibration, scrap removing, and non-periodic meter reading and charging. The meter management system can be used independently with its meter management and statistics analysis functions. 

●The following changing methods are provided for periodic meter services:


Replacement: For the meter reading of the meters to be inspected in Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, non-periodic meter reading records are generated. For the replaced meters, initial data is recorded. The inspected meters are not activated and periodic metering is not available.

Switching: For the meter reading of the meters to be inspected in Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, non-periodic meter reading records are generated. The new meter is activated.

Estimation: Values are estimated before and after the inspection, which associates calibration with the metering and charging system properly.

Call Center

●Independent from the switches, CTI system, application service system, and database system, the call center performs brilliantly in the finance, telecom, and utilities fields.

●The call center is the coordination window of customer relationship management, also the handling link of maintenance service and engineering management, and major service channel of sales management and customer care.

●Integrating technologies such as phone calls, messages, and webpages, the call center is a unified platform service call center, improving enterprise images and creating brand value of the utilities.

Gas Appliance Marketing

Gas appliances are sold in e-commerce mode. Sale management is performed during gas appliance installation and ignition (replacement).

The system allows gas appliance selling in e-commerce mode.

The system allows sale management during gas appliance installation and ignition (replacement).

The system provides the following management functions: gas appliance management, inventory management including manufacturers and specifications information and gas appliance purchasing, redeployment, and consuming, installation order management, customer gas appliance information management including construction, manpower deployment, feedback, and return visits; charging management including device types, installation modes, and maintenance history. Gas appliance can be provided and managed based on individuals or communities, so that property management centers can purchase gas appliances and provide unified installation for customers.

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