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Value concept
Social Responsibility
Social responsibility
Goldcard always takes 'innovation' as its core values, and takes it as the company’s noble mission that be responsible to all the shareholders, customers, employees and the society, and always maximize their value. By virtue of innovation, Goldcard is devoted to promoting the harmony among people, between human and nature, between enterprise and the society, as well as keeping exploring new approaches to give back to society, and making effort to build a happier and better society.
  • Be Responsible to Shareholders
    Improve Efficiency and Create Value
    Goldcard cherishes and ulitlize every penny of capital, maintains a steady business development, builds an excellent corporate governance structure and keeps improving the overall risk management level. It establishes the corporate culture of 'profession creates value' which builds up the corporate value , allows the shareholders to receive satisfactory returns, and thus it can win the long-term trust and support from its shareholders and investors.
  • Be Responsible to Clients
    Service-Oriented, Integrity-based
    Goldcard focuses on the product quality and client satisfaction. With our innovative technology, stable and reliable quality and sincere services, we endeavor to meet clients’ expectation by producing and selling superior products, as well as providing all-round, professional, personalized products and services, to create value for our clients.
  • Be Responsible to Staff
    Human-oriented, Work Happily
    Under the concept of "Work and Live Happily", we create a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere for our employees, provide them with proper career suggestions and various career development opportunities, and also deliver professional and efficient trainings to increase their personal value. Therefore, we can take up the challenges with professionals and realize the growth of the interests of the Company, our clients and employees.
  • Be Responsible to Society
    Engage in Charity and Return to Society
    Goldcard keeps returning to the society with a grateful heart since it established. We continuously contribute to the public welfare in relation to the environmental protection, the Red Cross and the community. We persistently upgrade the environmental management and strive to achieve excellence in each link of production so as to help every industry to develop sustainably by means of the smart gas system.
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