IC Card Prepayment Gas Solution

IC Card Prepayment Solution


Relying on advanced IC card technologies, the gas operation mode “pay before using gas” involves IC card smart gas meters and the charging management system. The ESLink – gold manager app solution and ESLink – self-service payment terminal solution are provided. These solutions simplify charging and gas usage control for gas enterprises, thereby the pre-payment mode replaces the post-payment mode.


ESLink – app Business Hall Solution

●This solution involves Goldcard Bluetooth recharging pal and app business hall, which enables customers to purchase gas in home.

●To purchase gas, customers can insert IC cards into the Goldcard Bluetooth recharging pal to connect them to the app business hall and then touch IC card gas purchasing on the gold manager app to complete IC card reading and writing.

●Besides, customers can also use other services in app business halls, including gas usage query, meter management, and gas knowledge query.


ESLink – self-service Payment Terminal Solution

●This solution is designed for ESLink self-service payment terminals, which can be mounted on walls without any location limitation to provide 24-hour self services for gas users.

●This solution enables IC card gas purchasing in only five steps, that is, card reading, gas amount input, purchasing operation, payment, and card writing.

●Services including common meter payment, remote meter payment, and bill query are also provided.

●Payment by scanning QR codes using Alipay and WeChat is supported.




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