NB-IoT Smart Gas Solution

NB-IoT Smart Gas Solution

Smart gas meters are connected to the NB-IoT network using embedded NB-IoT communication modules and report gas usage data, battery, signal strength, valve status, and exceptions to the IoT connection management platform and then the background collection and service system platform. The background system platform parses data packages, implements settlement in user accounts based on parsed data, and pushes notifications to users using new media channels related to the customer service system. Users can obtain their own gas usage bills in real time and recharge remotely.

Architecture of The NB-IoT Smart Gas Solution



●Simplifies onsite metering for gas enterprises and payment and charging for users.

●Helps gas enterprises to adjust gas tariff remotely and set tiered tariff as suggested by the government.

●Helps gas enterprises control switching valves of users’ gas meters remotely.

●Remotely monitors gas meter faults and alarms and notifies users using the background service system.

●Manages transportation and distribution pipeline pressure based on gas usage analysis performed by the background system.

●Analyzes gas usage data on various nodes including gas supply stations, pipelines, and user meters to further check pipeline leakage exceptions, reducing differences between supply and sales and increasing revenue of gas enterprises.

●Analyzes users’ gas usage data to understand users’ gas usage habits, so as to develop other value-added services and business modes.

Success Stories

●On November 15, 2016, Goldcard signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on smart gas with Shenzhen Gas, China Telecom, and Huawei.

●On March 2, 2017, the NB-IoT smart gas solution pilot project was started in Shenzhen. The one-time metering success rate and accuracy rate are kept at 100% since then.

●In July 2017, the NB-IoT smart gas solution won the best solution award.

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