Time:2019-10-17 14:00:19
NB-IoT Applications in Smart Gas Reached 10 Million


The First 10 Million NB-IoT Gas Application Industry Release Conference @Shanghai

On September 29, "The World's First 10 Million NB-IoT Gas Application Industry Release Conference" was held in Shanghai, it was co-hosted by Shenzhen Gas, Huawei, China Telecom and Goldcard, and supported by China Urban Gas Association.

NB-IoT industry alliance, China Telecom, E surfing IoT, and representatives of gas companies and module manufacturers from all over the country gathered together to witness the moment.

According to the report of President of Huawei's cellular IoT product line, " As to our knowledge, NB-IoT is considered as a pioneer of 5G, till now there have been 98 NB-IoT commercial networks deployed around the world. With the strong support of national policies and industry standards, NB-IoT deployment in the 1st year (2018) exceeded the deployment of 2G in the first 6 years.  Among them, smart meter reading, smart motorcycle, smart smoke sense and smart home appliances have all entered the million-level volume. 

In September 2019, NB-IoT gas industry marks the first milestone of 10 million applications. In the 5G era, the next step will be pushing NB-IoT applications in gas industry into 30 million + in 2020."

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