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Gas Digitization and Gas Safety Themed Smart Gas Development Forum

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On 21st -23rd July, the 7th China Smart Gas Development Conference hosted by the Chinese Urban Gas Committee was held in Hefei city, Anhui, China. The theme was “Gas Digital Transformation under Carbon Neutral”. More than 500 nos. professionals from around 200 nos. companies in the industry were present in the conference, Goldcard was also invited to participate.


Gas safety was on the main topic discussed on the forum. As Mr. Fan Weicheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Institute of Public Security at Tsinghua University Hefei, emphasized in his report "Safety Management and Emergency Response in Smart Cities", safety is a basic requirement for the survival and development of human society. To strengthen public security for the whole society, modernize the public security governance system and capacity, we need the support of science and technology, management and culture, following the cutting-edge safety resilience concept, making full use of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, new materials and advanced manufacturing, and formulating a comprehensive and three-dimensional public safety net, therefore building a smart, safe and resilient city and promoting safe development of the whole society.

Goldcard had mainly exhibited its 5G IoT Smart and Safe Gas Solution on the forum, of which the linkage between smart gas meters and gas alarms based on bluetooth caught great attention from the participants.



Goldcard 5G IoT Smart and Safe Gas Solution analyzes gas usage habits and rules through flow signal of gas meters, realizing gas cutting-off and reset on abnormal circumstances like gas leakage, overflow, abnormal large or micro flow, overtime of continuous flow and long time no gas usage.
Smart gas meters upload the event logs, alarms and pre-set event handling mechanism to Goldcard IoT cloud platform, thus empower gas companies to realize real time abnormity monitor and fast response, technicians can be dispatched timely to handle problems, and deliver close-loop services.

Meanwhile, Goldcard smart gas meters and alarm devices interact intelligently. On detection of gas leakage, the gas alarm devices ‘inform’ other devices about gas leakage autonomously and trigger automatic valve-off, automatic window opening, etc., thereby build a safe &smart kitchen, reduce potential dangers, transform passive response to active prevention.
Following the ‘carbon neutral and peak carbon dioxide emission’ policy, we need to seize the opportunity to promote clean and low-carbon development of the energy system, with the joint efforts of all colleagues in the gas industry, relying on the development trend of new generation information and communication technologies including cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile, intelligence artificial and blockchain, as well as the energy Internet technology. 

In the future, the ‘carbon neutral and peak carbon dioxide emission’ goal will continue to be an important drive that makes Goldcard keep promoting digitalization and transformation of the gas industry and contributing to the emerging smart gas infrastructures.

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