Time:2021-08-18 14:57:31
Tancy Employee Was Awarded “Zhejiang Province Craftsman of New Era”


Recently, Huang Yuliang, the 28-year-old senior engineer from Tancy was the only one in the city been selected and awarded the 2021 'Zhejiang Province craftsman of new era'.


Huang Yuliang started his career as an ordinary turner and step by step transformed into a specialist and top technical innovation creators. He has continuously obtained a series of national qualification prizes in the past years.

Over the years, Huang has been insisting on learning new knowledge and technologies from books and practices, accumulating experiences and improving himself. He participated in the international CNC skills competition and won the prizae in the final.


In 2017, while investigating in the technology improving of drilling in the machining center in Tancy, Huang found that as per the traditional command, a drill is usually not completely cooled down due to winding detritus after drilling the second hole, sometimes, manual detritus clean is required. Therefore, he modified the program, make the drill to exit the artifact’s main axis and reverse after drilling per hole, to throw out winding detritus. Such improved method was widely applied in the workshop and created brand effect. In 2019, Huang designed rotor milling fixture and technology for Rotary Flowmeter, which has shortened the development cycle by 35%, the paper relating this technology was published in the industrial magazine “Measurement Technique”. Over the past 3 years, he obtained 1 Zhejiang provincial scientific and technological achievement, 5 design patents, 3 utility model patents, and published 2 papers.

In daily work, he is strict in self-discipline, keeps improving and is willing to teach. Tancy has established the craftmanship master studio named after Huang, which has cultivated many senior technicians for the company in a few years. In the occupation and technology qualification work in 2020, the studio actively undertook the training and skill level appraisal work for millers and turners, with 6 people passed skill II level appraisal, 17 passed level III, and 13 passed level IV, with passing rate over 70%. Huang represents the excellent technique level and machining ability of Tancy, and the studio will continue such project each year under the guide of Huang, to keep contributing to skill and comprehensive quality improvement of staff, thus promote the company's development.

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