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Goldcard Showed the Smart Utility Solution in European Utility Week


Today, I – Goldcard, want to introduce my European girlfriend @European Utility Week to you.

Although she is my girlfriend, we meet only once a year. Such a long-distance relationship makes me feel suffering while enjoying. Because, every time we meet, we will find something new from each other. You see, on October 3 to 5, we met in Amsterdam, Holland. Windmills, tulips, and bicycles in this rainy and romantic country made us learn more from each other and enjoy more happy time.


A grown-up child

In last year, the NB-IoT smart gas meter was still young. On the stage of Barcelona, the NB-IoT smart gas meter listened to international voices, learned from experienced peers, and worked so hard for internationalization. This year, the NB-IoT smart gas meter grew up as the NB-IoT smart gas solution, attracting a lot of attention with the terminal sensing, system integration, and cloud service features. It has been commercialized in China now. Let’s look forward to its perfect upgrade.


Hello, JGD4S-R smart gas meter

I introduced a new friend to her – JGD4S-R smart gas meter. As the gas metering part in the smart metering system, it has friendly user interface and abundant functions, such as advanced data security encryption, overall data storages, and remote data control. She said, this friend is wonderful!


Hey, do not forget these guys

It was China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day when I met her. So, I brought her some gifts – sweet mooncakes, as well as the smart IoT gas meter, LoRaWAN smart gas meter, IC card prepayment smart gas meter, wireless remote thermal gas meter/flowmeter, TYL gas roots flowmeters, and TBQM gas turbine flowmeter. She was very excited with these gifts and praised them to other international friends, who also came and learned more about the functions of these gifts. 


Love is mutual. She also brought me a lot of gifts  customers who are interested in smart gas with cooperation intention, partners with the same goals, and peers for mutual learning. We are closely connected, just like there is an invisible but powerful rope keeps connecting us.



“Next year,” she told me, “Let’s meet in Vienna.” OK, see you in Vienna in 2018!

Свяжитесь с нами

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