IoT collection platform

IoT collection platform

Product overview

As a smart cloud platform based on the management and operation requirements of smart gas meters of gas companies, IoT collection platform can realize two-way communication between meters and systems and achieve remote monitoring effect. The cloud platform provides rich SaaS application services, covering all aspects of business of the gas company to truly realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Main advantages

Platform capability

Flexible deployment of the system: Based on the advanced cloud computing distributed architecture, it supports the flexible deployment scheme of public cloud and private cloud

Fast protocol integration: it supports multiple meters, multiple protocols, multiple operation modes, realizes unified data collection, supports rapid protocol access, realizes plug-in of transmission layer protocol and visualization of application layer protocol

Equipment massive concurrency: it supports the concurrent processing capacity required by massive connections

Data real-time processing: it supports the high-performance processing capacity of system big data storage and query

Platform diagnosis operation and maintenance: it supports automatic operation and maintenance, realizes system fault self- diagnosis and self -repair without downtime

Platform security 

SSL security encryption mechanism is adopted for data interaction among equipment, application and platform

User login authentication management, system login log query and tracking

The strong security of operation terminal is guaranteed through certificate management and network encryption machine.

It realizes safety protection in equipment access, user access, data transmission and data storage while reducing the impact of safety processing on performance loss.

Product value

It solves multiple system management problems through unified smart equipment data acquisition platform.

The end-to-end security architecture system is adopted to ensure the data security in the enterprise terminal and cloud.

Based on big data analysis, it provides business data presentation for managers at all levels in the form of graphs and tables.

It prevents gas theft and reduces the supply and marketing gap through high-frequency acquisition and meter reading, back-end billing, remote recharge, real-time monitoring and smart alarm.

Main functions

Integration of remote communication meters from multiple manufacturers

Smart management of acquisition equipment

Seamless integration with customer service system

Visualized remote control center

Abnormal alarm monitoring and troubleshooting

Remote setting and controlling meters

Flexible acquisition control strategy

Rich on-line display of meter parameters

Real-time billing and real-time valve control

Multi -dimensional data statistical analysis


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