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Goldcard Released New Product——GT-XBY Point Pattern Gas Detector for Industrial and Commercial

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Right before the new “Work Safety Act” took effect on 1st of September, 2021, we have launched the new product — GT-XBY Point Pattern Gas Detector for Industrial and Commercial, which can fully support I&C users on the conformity to this new act, especially the rule “Production and operation units such as catering businesses that use natural gas as fuel, shall install flammable gas detectors as soon and guarantee the normal use”.




GT-XBY gas detector integrates detection, alarming and valve control, it is a perfect choice for guarding the safety in medium-small businesses involving catering, hotels and malls etc. The product is Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb explosion certified, and has the core advantages of independent plug&play design, with luggable sensor,no wire connection needed, low installation cost, etc.

With 5G communication module embedded, it doesn’t need additional network device, supports gas companies and users to query working status, gas concentration, remains life time and calibration status via NB-IoT network. It can also remind users at life expiration, mitigate potential risks caused by unawareness of product expiration.


Gas Solution for Medium-Small Business

Industrial and commercial detector + fan + 24V electromagnetic valve (DN25-DN40)


Industrial and commercial detector + 220V electromagnetic valve (DN50-DN400)


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